Healthy Living Blog

With more than 15 years of experience working as a physician, Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., has gained the expertise that will help patients improve the quality of their health.  While medication is important for those with pre-existing conditions, Dr. Cannon believes in the power of healthy habits.  Many people are unaware that the food they consume, along with their lifestyle, is contributing to their body’s weaknesses.  Through this website, the trusted physician aims to share tips that will help people start their journey to a healthy and balanced life. 

As a doctor, Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., will also share in her blog posts various programs and other interesting information that will help boost one’s well-being.  The fast-paced way of living has led people to develop so-called lifestyle diseases that were caused by unhealthy eating habits along with the lack of exercise and rest.  Dr. Cannon’s goal is to educate her patients on the steps they can take so that they can relinquish control over their physical and mental health.  Switching to a clean and sustainable lifestyle will not just strengthen the body.  It will also lead to a clearer mind that can manage stress and anxieties that might come with the daily grind. 

Despite the many advances in the field of medicine, Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., believes that a person’s first line of defense against sickness is a healthy lifestyle.  By eating, exercising, and resting right, a person’s body will be conditioned for long-term wellness.  While changing a person’s habits can be difficult at first, Dr. Cannon wants to encourage individuals to take the first step so that they can take control of their physical and mental well-being.  Through this space, she will provide her readers with tips and information on how to live better.  Armed with years of experience, she will also offer expert insights that will surely benefit many. 

Currently based in New Jersey, Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., provides diagnostics, treatment, and management options for patients in her private practice. She finished her medical degree from New York Medical College and served as a fellow in the renowned Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.