Ensure food safety with these steps

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Ensure food safety with these steps

Lisa M Cannon MD

Unsafe food preparation processes can put people at risk of bacterial and viral infections.  Food poisoning affects millions of individuals globally.  While most cases are not serious and can be treated at home, consuming contaminated food can lead to vomiting, nausea, fever, stomachache, irregular bowel movement, and even dehydration.  To prevent the pain and discomfort, Lisa M. Cannon, M.D. shares some tips to ensure food safety. 


Those who prepare food must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water.  The utensils and containers they use must be clean.  Their preparation area must also be clean, to prevent the spread of germs.  Fruits and vegetables must be rinsed with running water.  In the process, one must remove dirt and other elements that might have settled. 


Raw seafood, poultry, and meat must be separated from other ingredients.  When buying food, it’s best to separate these items to keep others from being exposed to salmonella and other bacteria.  When cooking these, it’s also important to use separate chopping boards, containers, and utensils. 


Lisa M. Cannon, M.D. suggests using a thermometer to monitor if the food is being properly cooked.  While some may just watch the color of the food, it is always better to have the right temperature that will also help the food cook properly.  This also applies to reheating food. 


Temperature can affect food quality.  Perishable food shouldn’t be left for more than two hours in a warm place.  When refrigerating food, one must remember that the food can also spoil, even in a cold setting.  The foods must be consumed not more than three days after.  When it comes to frozen food, it’s best to let them thaw in an isolated area, away from other ingredients.  To safely do this, one can use temporarily store the food for an hour or two in the refrigerator.  Some also use the microwave or soak the food in cold water. 

Lisa M. Cannon, M.D. advises those who prepare food to remember these steps for healthy meals that many will enjoy.