Healthy Living Blog

Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., is an accomplished physician who has been in service for more than 15 years.  She provides diagnostics, treatment, and management options for patients in her private practice in Bergen County, New Jersey.  The trusted medical professional obtained her medical degree from New York Medical College and served as a fellow in the renowned Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

In her many years of helping patients live better, Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., has seen the importance of developing habits that will lead to long-term well-being.  For her, the foundation of good health lies in diet, exercise, and proper rest.  In a fast-paced society, getting the right amount of these things seems to be more difficult than ever.  The convenience brought by technology seems to hinder many from choosing healthy habits. 

However, Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., believes that there’s still hope, especially for those who have decided to prioritize their physical and mental health.  Though changes don’t happen overnight, starting small can motivate a person to build up clean lifestyle habits that will lead to long-term wellness.  Through this blog, Dr. Cannon aims to encourage and inspire people to choose what’s right to prevent diseases.  Understanding that pursuing a healthy lifestyle may not come easy to everyone, Dr. Cannon will provide guidance that will help individuals start prioritizing their well-being. 

Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., firmly believes that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.  As she teaches people to eat, exercise, and rest right, she wants them also to discover for themselves how having a vigorous body will help a person live with confidence.  A body in its peak condition can perform its best at work and play.  It is also more capable of managing stress and anxieties.  Through this platform, Dr. Cannon’s goal is to help more people live their lives to the full and without any worries.