The clean sleep checklist

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The clean sleep checklist

Lisa M Cannon MD

For optimum health, a person must have the right food, physical activity, and rest.  As Lisa M. Cannon, M.D. has noticed, most people fail to prioritize rest.  In a fast-paced world, many are quick to forget how much the body needs rest, especially at night.  This is especially true among adults who don’t get the required six to eight hours of sleep, the right amount of rest that is good for the heart.  These hours also allow the body to recover and refresh itself before it faces another day.  Want to improve overall well-being?  Here are some of the signs of clean sleep.

At least 7 hours of sleep for adults

Millions of adults struggle to get the healthy 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye each night. This can contribute to the fatigue they feel during their waking hours. According to Lisa M. Cannon, M.D., not having enough sleep affects a person’s awareness and thought processing, leading to slower movements. Having at least 7 hours of sleep allows the body to recover and recuperate. Key bodily processes such as metabolism also happen during sleep.

Sleeping without interruptions

Clean sleep is more than achieving deep sleep.  Having uninterrupted sleep also matters as it can affect a person’s energy levels during the day.  Sleep disruption can affect internal processes and could also be a symptom of sleep disorder and lifestyle diseases. 

Waking up feeling energized

Unfortunately, many adults feel tired as soon as they wake up even with complete hours of rest.  While this could be a sign of stress, Lisa M. Cannon, M.D. suggests individuals go see their doctor as this unusual lack of energy during the morning could also be a symptom of sleep-related disorders.  The right kind of sleep makes a person feel energized in the morning.  While it’s normal to get tired as the day passes, the right sleep should keep a person energized enough for the rest of their waking day.